Saturday, March 31, 2007


I love my new torch, just bought a Victor 100fc with a #6 mfa tip. I got two tips, a #4 and a #6. The #4 is good but just a little too small for what I'm doing. The #6 is perfect for the job even on palladium white gold. The new hose set is a little stiff but long over due. The old torch was a Smith AW10, been using it for all most 10 all most blew up in my hand Friday at 5 o'clock. Someone is looking out for my dumb ass cause nobody got hurt. My recommendation is CLEAN YOUR TORCH TIPS and use a good flash back suppressor.


Another late late night in the shop...I'm starting to get use to working late and alone.
Not such a good Idea if you are prone to hermetic tendencies.....

...and that 11:11 number comes up again as a reminder to "BE HERE NOW" or, you know, live in the right now.

A Ring...

...for the queen


...with the right information we can do just about anything, AND with the wrong or bad information expect to FAIL or failure. Is it complacency that causes neglect? Maybe it's not (($)) important enough......

day one....

Midnight and I can hear the furnace running still.
It almost has a calming effect, a sound that once you are familiar you will never forget.....making parts for 50Th anniversary Stiletto knifes and allot of scrolls for Tom.