Monday, May 28, 2007

Still Hear....

Yes I meant to spell it that way.
Be still and hear, be here matter how many time I say it it is still like the first time I heard the phrase. I still have trouble with being here now. Living in the moment is as hard as it is easy.
Talking to an engineer friend of mine the other night over an IPA, he came to an understanding of the wave/particle essence of light. The realization of light moving so slowly that it becomes solid was ground breaking. We learn through teaching, our self about our self.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Full and Empty
the parody of life's drama, it plays out unexpectedly for the players. The waking dream, if you pay attention to the details you might just see the reality.

I'm not even sure why I am writing this now. I impulsively looked at my blog and realized that I need to post.... I don't even think anyone is reading this except me. Its become my ya ya, or something to that effect. Compulsory writings, the rambles of an impostor hiding out in his life that he thinks is so important. One minute I brag about my station the next I want to run away from it. Late nights hiding from the world in front of one of my many computers. Hoping to find what is missing in my scope of reality. What is it I am hiding from? Me? My life? You? The world?

Everyone has some kind of expectation about the who and the what.

I just finished watching a movie "Smoking Aces" that was such a social commentary on the political pop media culture. Right down to the kid on Ritalin, the redneck punks from New York and the 50 caliber assault rifle shooting people from more than 200 yards away. It was like real life HALO or some other first person shooter crime video game. It felt like the Sycophant trying to explain Plato to a kindergarten class.

Now I type blindly to the net hoping someone is reading this.....if you are let me know with a comment or two.