Saturday, June 4, 2011

Metal inlay

While working on a custom ring for a friend/mentor/client Kevin Crane of Crane Jewelers of Seattle. I attempted to cast Shokudo into 18k white gold.... well as you can see it didn't work so well.

The next step was to remake the white gold ring only this time I was going to inlay the Shokudo using a hammer technique...
The channels are made the opposite of stone inlay, the bottom of the channel is wider than the top so when you place the metal in the channel and begin to hammer it in it will spread into the bottom and lock it in place.

Keep in mind the ring must be strong enough to handle being hammered on without distortion.
When it was all finished I treated it with Phil Baldwins Patina to turn the Shokudo black. After the ring was completely finished it went to have diamonds set in the holes in between the inlay on both sides. (I didn't set the stones so I have no pictures of the ring with the diamonds.

Friday, June 3, 2011

@the shop

If you have ever struggled with the issue of a good count down timer for investing. I have used clocks, watches, Flash timers on computers to just plain guessing. Nothing ever has been as good as what I first used when learning to invest the first time.
A few months ago while looking in junk stores in Portlandia I found one! after almost twenty years I finally have one again! THE BEST TIMER EVER.....

@ the shop

Just have to tell you! Foredom makes an angle grinder now! Did you hear me? ANGLE GRINDER FOREDOM HAND PIECE!!!!!!!

Go check it out....... @ Seattle Findings and while your at it check out their new site...

@ the shop

Sometimes you don't really understand why you needed that tool...
Then you buy the tool...

...and you just can't see how you got by without it all this time.